Challenges Facing The Bahamas Feeding Network


Challenges Facing The Bahamas Feeding Network

Executive Assistant at The Bahamas Feeding Network, Nicollette Archer informed members of the media of the challenges facing the charitable organization as donations slow down.

Archer said, “we’re really really looking for some donors out there. We really want to get 80 companies or businesses or individuals to give us $1000 every month so that we can at least get back to where we were last year of providing our 100 plus ministries with parcels every month. This year we had to alternate and do them every other month.”

The Executive Assistant went further stating, “when people started to go back to work, even though they were then working, you know what happened, they needed to pay their rent, they needed to catch up on the bill that were held up for a while.  So they were doing that and they still needed the food.  So we found that the pandemic decreased our numbers a little bit but not a whole lot.” 

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