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    Super Value Pledge
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    Our Mission
    To provide a central hub for donations and assistance,
    maximizing resources in order to create a sustainable solution
    to poverty in the Bahamas.
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    Our Vision:
    To provide an efficient means of transporting
    vital supplies to impoverished Bahamians.
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    1 in every 8 persons in The Bahamas – 12.8%
    lives in poverty with the official poverty level at $11.64 a day.

The Feeding Network

In December 2013, and after decades of individually tackling the hunger crisis in The Bahamas, 13 organizations came together to form The Bahamas National Feeding Network (BNFN). The aim of the non-profit group is to perform as a hub for the collection and distribution of food items and financial and physical resources to the entities that interact daily with thousands throughout the archipelago plagued with the uncertainty of knowing where their next meal is coming from.

Latest News


The nation’s leader and chief of the country’s largest food chain came together today in a rare and possibly unprecedented show of informal unity to pledge support for the Bahamas Feeding Network, the volunteer organization that has provided more than one million hot meals to those in need. 

The two men, Dr. Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister, and Rupert Roberts, Jr., Super Value Chairman, toured the former Island Seafood warehouse, now converted into a massive distribution centre for the Feeding Network (BFN).

Bahamas Feeding Network Thanks Government for Assistance to Households Struggling to Put Food on Tables

For 14 years, Philip Smith has been feeding the hungry, first with loaves of bread he baked in his small apartment.

Bahamas Feeding Network Appeals for Donations Amid Hunger Crisis

Bahamas Feeding Network volunteers organize food packages at their Claridge Road facility prior to collection for distribution in the Northeastern Zone of New Providence as part of efforts of the National Security Food Task Force. (Photo by Cay Focus Photography for DPA.) 

Light Industries Council Reaps Local Farm Harvest for Bahamas Feeding Network

The Bahamas Light Industries Development Council searched for locally grown produce and donated Cat Island grown and harvested lima beans, pigeon peas and grits to the Bahamas Feeding Network for distribution to the growing numbers of those who suffer from hunger. 


You can donate food, vouchers and cash.


There Is Hope!